Many mistakes are commited quite too often; as, for example, to design for a supposedly “standard” user, unconsciously casted after ourselves. Sometimes we do harm our users by making their task more complicated, never trying to better the processes afterwards. We have to ask ourselves: “What could be wrong in my work ? What could harm my users?”

From an auto-tagging which tags you as a “gorilla” if you are a black to the addition of a “sports” tag to a concentration camp picture... The design mistakes that can disturb some users... Or the addition of features that changes the meaning of a quite serious message...

These examples demonstrate that the people in charge did not think twice, and did not question their work.

However, solutions do actually exist.

We will see, for example, what a project’s“pre-mortem” is, and how to do it.

We will explanate what a “design dissenter” is. And many more...

The designers should work for all the users, avoiding to let a minority alone, as it is quite too often the case. In this section, we will define the “edge cases” and the “stress cases”.

We design for millions of people who are not only “users”, but also human beings.